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Coming Soon – Baby Rinehart!

Jan 8, 2018

Happy 2018 lovies!!!!

I recently announced that Dustin and I are expecting our first child!  And we recently found out that the baby is a BOY!!  Thank you so much to everyone who’s offered their congratulations!  Our little one is expected to arrive at the end of June, and our hearts are so full.

Sooo, I wanted to answer some questions I’ve been getting and provide an update for what to expect from Pine & Sea Photography this year…

How did we find out?  I had been feeling extra tired and had a funny metallic taste in my mouth (apparently this is called “dysgeusia”).  I felt like something was off, so I tested and was so surprised to find out the news!

How am I feeling?  So much better now that I’m out of the first trimester!  I felt a little queasy, not much of an appetite, but more than anything else I was super exhausted, and just starting my season of family holiday photos.  Last year, I saw 28 families for holiday photos, and this year, I saw 39 families.  So if I thought last year was crazy, I had no idea!  I created my schedule before finding out I was pregnant, so in between editing, you could almost always find me napping.  So if I was slow to respond, this is why. 🙂  Thank you for your patience!

Cravings?  Like the old wives tale says for boys, I’m really liking salty foods like pretzels and popcorn!  I’ve also craved salads, fruit smoothies and Trolli PeachieO’s Gummy Candy.  But the thought of quesadillas and swiss cheese make me want to barf.

What about your weddings?  Because I’m due in June, this falls right in the middle of wedding season.  While I wanted to feel overjoyed about my pregnancy, I felt more stressed that I needed to figure out plans for all the weddings that fall around my due date.  One thing that is extremely important to me is that my brides know just how important their wedding days are to me.  I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Jessica of Jessica Lynn Photography, who didn’t hesitate to extend a helping hand with as many of those weddings as she can (which is most of them!).  I’m so fortunate to know this little lady – thank you so much, Jess!

So what does this mean for lifestyle sessions?  Well, I really want to be sure I’m balancing work and life this year, leaving me time to nest and enjoy the last bits of pregnancy, so unfortunately I’ll be taking on a limited number of lifestyle sessions.  I only have a few more open dates before my due date, and will then revisit how many I’ll be taking on once the baby is here!  If you know you’re going to want a session at some point this year, I encourage you to reach out as soon as possible to book a date.

Are you taking maternity leave?  Yes. Aside from the weddings I’ve committed to, I will not be taking on any sessions between June and September.

If you have any questions for me, please comment below!  I’d love to hear from you!!

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