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Baby Rinehart | Maternity + Shower Photos!

Jun 3, 2018

I can’t believe it’s already June!! This is Baby Boy Rinehart’s birth month and the month we’ll become a family of three (well, four with Kona)! Overall, it’s been a pretty good pregnancy, though I have nothing to compare it to. The third trimester has been the hardest (by far!) and is getting increasingly uncomfortable.  Most recently, my fingers have ballooned to the size of hot dogs and my ankles have left the building.  Initially, it was “I can’t wait to tie my own shoes again!”, now it’s “I can’t wait to fit into my shoes again!”  The last month really is no joke – everything hurtseveryone stares, and sleep is already a thing of past.  I have HUGE respect for all mamas out there – you’re freakin’ superheroes! #giveyourmamahug

After my baby shower, I felt like baby went through a huge growth spurt, and all of a sudden I had a pretty sizable belly.  The belly has been measuring a week ahead for the past month.  When people ask how we’re doing, I usually say “We’re ready, but not ready!” I’m ready to say goodbye to the belly, and hello to baby, but of course there’s hesitation and fear for the major life-change that a newborn will bring.

The other thing I haven’t shared is that we’ve been remodeling our house since March, and are just about done with construction! The remodel includes adding a second bathroom and updating the current bathroom. We were finally able to start putting together his nursery a week or so ago, and while we know he won’t be using it anytime soon, this is our first babe, so we want to welcome him home with a space all his own. Stay tuned for pictures!!

Workwise… I’ve been keeping really busy with weddings and lifestyle sessions, and I wrapped up my last two weddings over Memorial Day weekend! Since learning we were pregnant, I scaled back the number of weddings for this year, but am so happy and grateful that 14 of my couples were totally cool with me bringing this little freeloader along to their celebrations! As of now, I am on maternity leave, but currently editing my May weddings and continuing to work with the rest of my 2018 lovebirds.  For lifestyle sessions, I’ll be taking an extended maternity leave, returning for limited dates in September and back to the grind fully in October for all the holiday sessions.  If you’d like to receive updates on holiday sessions, please be sure to subscribe to my mailing list!  You can do so by entering your email in the “Subscribe” bar at the bottom of my website.  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out!  I may be slow to respond, but I’ll absolutely get back to you asap. 🙂

Today, I’m sharing a few photos from my super fun maternity session with the wonderful, amazingly talented, Jessica Lynn Photography, who captured my growing bump and also my tropical baby shower so beautifully! I don’t love being in front of the camera, but she is just the best and made me feel so beautiful. I don’t think this pregnancy felt real until I saw these pictures of myself. THANK YOU, JESS!!

Thank you for all your support and for following along, and thank you to the talented group of vendors who 1) made me look presentable, and 2) made my shower gorgeous!!! xo

And here are some pictures from my tropical shower!

My friends’ little ones!! Rozalyn and Aubrey <3 #auntietretre


The whole gang!

So grateful for my INCREDIBLE hostesses!!!! 

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