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The Jackson Family Radiates Joy in Stunning Yellow at Noguchi Gardens

Dec 8, 2023

Today, I’m thrilled to share a glimpse into an annual tradition that has become near and dear to my lens – photographing The Jackson Family. This year marked our sixth consecutive session, and they always bring something new to the table.

The Jacksons have a delightful tradition of choosing a different color theme each year for their outfits. This time, it was a stunning explosion of yellow. Meagan donned a beautiful gown, while Dwayne and young Dylan rocked white and yellow suits that exuded style and charm.

For our backdrop, we opted for the modern and clean aesthetics of Noguchi Gardens in Costa Mesa. This hidden gem features gorgeous flagstone, unique sculptures, meandering streams, clean tall white walls, and a touch of desert landscaping. The perfect canvas to frame the Jacksons in their radiant yellow ensemble.

As I clicked away, I couldn’t help but marvel at the passage of time. I started photographing Dylan when he was just four years old, and now he’s blossomed into a middle schooler. The evolution of this family through the years is nothing short of incredible.

Our time at Noguchi Gardens was an absolute blast. The Jacksons’ infectious joy and the vibrant yellow against the modern backdrop made every frame a story in itself. They make my job a breeze, and capturing their laughter and love is truly an honor.

Without further ado, scroll down and enjoy the photos! Witness the Jackson Family’s vibrant tradition and the timeless bond they share. Here’s to traditions, incredible transformations, and the joy captured in every click!

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